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Plush me sweater

Plush me sweater

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 Snugsweater is incredibly comfy, breathable and warm. The material is an 80:20 cotton knit blend. It is soft to the touch and feels very substantial without being overly heavy. The fabric is pilled on the outside like your favorite vintage sweater. It's very warming, but not too hot to wear indoors while you're doing chores or even in bed. On a zero degree Fahrenheit morning, I know it would be perfect. While making the Snugsweater long enough for our tall customers was a priority, we also made sure we kept the classic silhouette of a turtle neck t-shirt in a relaxed fit. We've also included ribbing on the hemline to ensure a smooth finish and full coverage along wrists, torso, and around your neck. Due to its comfort level, it may become your next go-to top for lounging at home or on the weekends!

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